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Ol’ Jacks Premium Rabbit Pellets


Ol’ Jacks Premium Rabbit Pellets are a nutritious and palatable food that is specially formulated for growing, breeding and lactating rabbits and is also an ideal food for pets.

Organic 2000 Multi Grow


Organic 2000 Multi-grow is 100% pelletised straw bedded poultry manure which has been naturally composted. Multi Grow improves soil structure, water retention, reduces leaching and controls weeds.

Organic 2000 Turf Start


Organic 2000 Turf Start provides a cost effective commercial fertiliser which can be used in all stages of turf growth and maintenance.
Endorsed by the Turf Growers Association

Pea Straw Bale


Pea straw bale is a mulch supresses weeds, retains water and adds nitrogen to the soil as it decomposes.

Pedigree Adult Beef & Rice 20kg


Pedigree dog food is a complete and balanced meal in itself, ensure your pet has clean drinking water with every meal.
In the case your pet does not enjoy Pedigree dog food right away, continue with a mixture of Pedigree and your current food for a few more days, slowly increasing the new food into the dogs diet.



Pollard is very palatable and can be used in diets of pigs, poultry, ruminants and horses of all ages.

Prydes Easi Fibre

Use EasiFibre to replace grain in a horse’s ration to give calm, yet responsive energy and also replace chaff to increase calorie content for weight gain.

Red Hen Layer


Red Hen Layer is a premium quality poultry breeder and layer food formulated to be fed to all classes of breeding and laying poultry.

Rhodes Hay

Rhodes grass hay is another good source of protein for horses but contains a smaller percentage of minerals such as calcium.