Lucerne Chaff

Lucerne chaff (also known as alfalfa) is chaffed lucerne crop. It is a good fibre source and has a significant profile of other nutrients.


Lucerne Chaff

Lucerne Chaff is used as a feed for resting or likely worked horses. As lucerne is also very high in proteins, it can also be mixed with cereal chaff as a bulking feed to add roughage to a grain based diet for those in more work. It is considered to be more palatable then cereal chaff.

The highest quality Lucerne is green in colour, has a high proportion of leaves, contains minimal dust and bleached leaves and is free from mouldy or musty odors. Mature stemmy low leaf is much less palatable for horses.

Being low in sugar and starch it is a good feed for horses prone to laminitis.

Nutritional Analysis

As a guide Lucerne Chaff should have

Crude Proteins 18%

Digestible Energy 9.3%

Crude Fat 4.1%

Crude Fibre 20.7%

Calcium 13.4%

25 kg Bags

Poultry – Lucerne can be used in layer diets as a source of pigment for producing the yellow colour in the yolk. A level of about 8 % of good quality lucerne will provide adequate yolk colour. Lucerne can be included in diets for growing chickens but should be limited to no more than 5 percent. Above 5 percent, growth rate is depressed and this is considered to be due to saponin-like compounds present in Lucerne.

Rabbits – Lucerne hay has a higher protein level than grass hay, which makes it too fattening to feed as the main diet for the average adult rabbit, although it can be good for growing youngsters or putting weight on an underweight rabbit. Lucerne hay is high in calcium (very sweet-smelling in nature) and should be fed in low levels to healthy adults.


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