Kilverm Wormers


Kilverm is effective against sensitive strains of various parasites found in poultry and pigs

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Kilverm Wormers

Kilverm wormers are for the effective eradication of parasitical worms in poultry and pigs.

Symptoms of worms in chickens

A healthy chicken can handle a small number of parasites, such as worms and mites, before they begin to show symptoms of ill health. However, just like a person, a chicken will become unwell if it has a particularly high load of parasites, is stressed or has poor nutrition. Left untreated, a worm infestation can cause illness, and even death, amongst your chickens. So how do you know if your chickens are suffering from worms?
There are several types of worms that can affect poultry health and most chickens carry at least one or two of these varieties. The most common worms are intestinal worms, such as roundworms, hairworms (or threadworms) and caecal worms. Gapeworms are more uncommon and live in the throat.

Kilverm wormers are effective against sensitive strains of the following parasites;

– Large Round worms (Ascaris suum)
– Mature/Immature Stomach Worms
– Stomach Worm (Hyostrongylus rubidus)
– Nodule Worm (Oesophagostomum dentatum)
– Lung Worm (Metastrongylus spp.)
– Mature Kidney Worm (Stephanurus dentatus) NSW and QLD Only

– Large Roundworms (Ascaridia galli)
– Caucal Worm (Heterakis gallinae)
– Hairworm (Capillaria spp.)
The above are the most important intestinal worms in fowls, turkey and other birds.

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