Eco Prime Emerald


Eco Prime Biotechnology produces living soil. This is the secret behind the success of Eco Growth fertilisers. Eco Prime Emerald is strong on color, soft on the Environment, Eco Prime Emerald is a controlled release biological fertiliser that promotes strong healthy root growth and hardwearing grass surface.



Eco-Prime Emerald Lawn Fertiliser

Eco-Prime Emerald Lawn Fertiliser is a complete rock mineral NPK fertiliser impregnated with beneficial microbes. “Emerald” is designed to enhance lawn surfaces by providing balanced nutrition and strong root growth.

Colour is enriched in the leaf surface by increasing photosynthesis through trace balance and controlled macro release.
Root stimulation is achieved through a combination of natural ingredients such as mineral based NPK, Humates and beneficial biology including Mycohrrizal fungi.

How To Use

Eco-Prime Emerald is very easy to use. It should be applied lightly and regularly. This is because our sand does not retain nutrients very well. A very light fertilise often will keep the nutrient level up for a green healthy lawn without getting massive growth flushes.

If your lawn is very hungry – you can tell this because it will lack colour and vitality. You should apply it at 30g per sqm.

You cannot apply to much if you water it in well. After it is watered in it is safe for pets and children to go out on the lawn. DO NOT apply unless you intend to water in thoroughly. Do not rely on the rain to do it unless we are going to get over 10mls of rain in a short period. You can burn the leaf on your grass if not watered in properly.

Try and spread as evenly as possible. You will notice if we get it wrong by some of your lawn being bright green and lush and other areas not so good. If you reapply and still have patches maybe you need to check your retic for the cause of dry patch.

For more information on Dry Patch in your lawn see

Dry Patches in your lawn

Our staff in store are able to help you with all of this.

About Eco Prime Fertiliser

Eco-Prime fertilisers is Eco-Growths Silicate Mineral Rock Dust based fertiliser, combining volcanic minerals, citrate soluble soft-rock phosphate, beneficial biology and NPK mainly derived from sulphate’s (and other non-manure sources).

Eco-Growth are manufacturers of sustainable liquid and granular fertilisers for lawns, fruit trees, vegetables and gardens.

Eco-Growth was established in 1992 as Superior Fertilisers in QLD as a crushed rock fertiliser producer.

Eco-Growth believe the secret to strong healthy turf is in a good, viable root structure.

Eco-Prime Biotechnology – Creating Living Soil

Probiotic (beneficial) soil microbe strains have been incorporated in the prilling (granulating) process, and are designed to dissolve the fine rock minerals into the BIOLOGICALLY AVAILABLE minerals that can then be used by plants as they require. Adding these probiotic soil microbes also inoculates the soil with other beneficial microbes (soil structure builders, decomposers, nutrient builders, nitrogen fixers, protectors, and plant growth hormone producers). Micro-organisms select what they need to make the compounds of life (and in a form that are BIO-AVAILABLE), and reject the waste that is not needed. Micro organisms also control what goes into the plant roots. These controls are TURNED OFF when the soil is made more acid or excessive chemicals are added.



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