Dunn Peas


Thoroughly cleaned premium Dunn Peas.

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Dunn Peas

Dunn Peas are also called “peas” or “field peas”. They are one of the oldest domesticated crops.

Dunn Peas are used as a cool season fodder or green manure crop grown throughout Autumn & Winter.  May also be eaten as a legume.

As a green manure crop, the field pea improves soil quality adding carbon & nitrogen to the soil, protects the soil from erosion, as well as improving friability.  Plants are best dug back into the soil when the leaves are still fresh & green after approx. 6-8 weeks after planting.  Allow the green manure to break down in the soil for up to 4 weeks before planting any vegetables.

Field peas contain high levels of protein as amino acids, lysine & tryptophan & contain approx. 21-25 percent protein. The peas also contain high levels of carbohydrates, are low in fiber and contain 86-87 percent total digestible nutrients, which makes them an excellent livestock feed.

Peas can be feed to sheep, goats, pigeons and ducks as part of your feeding program


  • Digestible Energy (MJ/kg)
  • Crude Protein 24 (%)
  • Calcium 0.5 (%)
  • Fibre 15 (%)
  • Phosphorous 0.5 (%)
  • Crude Fat 1.55 (%)

Available energy contents
ME cattle 12.0
DE pigs 14.6

ME sheep 11.4
AME poultry 11.5




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