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Acelepryn GR


Acelepryn GR is a commercial grade granular pest control for your lawns that is safe to use around the home. African Black Beetle, Armyworm

Baythroid Advanced


Baythroid is an ideal general contact insecticide, controlling a wide range of insects.  Suitable for use on all lawn varieties.



Bifenthrin can control a wide range of pests and insects including lawn grubs, ants, termites and beetles.

Fulvic Acid


Fulvic Acid stimulates healthy root development and helps prevent root disease. Helps plants take up nutrients and detoxifies the soil.

Knights Coastal Palm Mix


Knights Palm Mix is a specialised fertiliser that will help your palms survive and thrive in Perth’s coastal, alkaline sand. It has an organic base with added trace elements for our soil type such as iron and manganese as well as a ratio of NPK suited for palms.

Knights Coastal Rose Mix


Knights Coastal Rose Mix is a quality fertiliser with added trace elements for our alkaline soil and with a NPK ratio great for roses and citrus.

Knights Coastal Special Lawn Mix


Knights Coastal Special lawn Mix is a lawn fertiliser made by Lawn Doctor Turf Solutions to suit our coastal sands. High in iron and trace elements and guaranteed to be the best thing you could give your Perth lawn.

Nitrophoska Perfect


Nitrophoska Perfect is a premium grade compound NPK fertiliser with added trace elements including Iron and Manganese. Ideal for Perth sandy soils



Phos-Inject is a systemic fungicide for Phytophthora Root Rot in avocado, root & collar rot in ornamental plants and citrus, and downy mildew in grapes.