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Plant Doctor Quantum-H


Quantum-H is a liquid humic acid concentrate. Humics provide organic and natural nutrition for plants and detoxify the soil. Buffers toxins from fertilisers.

Plant Doctor Stimulizer


Stimulizer is a Super concentrate, premium Fulvic acid based product with more than 75 minerals and humic acid extracts. Root growth.

Professor Mac 3 in 1


Professor Mac 3 in 1 is a complete lawn and garden program in one application – lawn food, wetting agent and organic insecticide.

Soil Solver Clay Plus


Soil Solver Clay Plus holds onto water and nutrients for longer. Cures water repellency and adds mineral rich natural rock dust. Made for Perth.

Soil Solver Compost Plus


Soil Solver Compost Plus is perfect for top dressing lawns and organic based fertiliser. Contains rock minerals and mature compost. Made for Perth

Soil Solver Rock Minerals


Soil Solver Rock Minerals adds natural trace elements without artificial fertilisers. Boosts soil structure and provides long term benefits. Great for Perth

Straw Bales


Straw bales are a great mulch and quite good bedding material for livestock and chickens. They are light and break down quickly. As it is only the stalk the nutrient content is very low.