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Thompson & Redwood Horse Pellets 20kg


Highly digestible energy and protein source to support heavy workloads and growth in young horses. All ingredients are palatable and the superior protein and mineral levels make this a top quality feed. Fortified with Advanced Feeds vitamin and mineral premix.

Thompson and Redwoods Claytons Pellets


A highly digestible fibre pellet that is gentle on the stomach. Good levels of protein will maintain weight whilst being low in sugar and starch. Enriched with vitamin and minerals to ensure the daily nutrient requirements are met.

Wheaten Chaff


Wheaten Chaff is finely cut hay and used as a roughage for livestock. It can be fed on its own or with a grain based diet. While having a very similar nutritional analysis as Oaten chaff it can be fed to horses with low oat tolerance.

Whole Barley

Barley can be a great addition in the diet for your horse since it lies in between corn and oats in terms of nutritional value.

Whole Lupins

Lupins are a good energy and protein source. Lupins are very palatable and can be fed as part of a balanced diet to all animals.