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Bran is similar in nutrient content to oats. It has one-half the density of whole oats, around one-fourth the density of corn or wheat.

Flaked Barley

Flaked Barley is a popular addition to horse muesli mixes in WA. It is readily available and grows well, keeping the price competitive against other grains. Barley is between oats and corn in nutritional value with a good fibre content.

Flaked Lupins

Crushing lupins improves feed efficiency and digestibility making it easier for animals to digest and require no soaking or cooking.

Flaky Bran

Flaky Bran is the seed coat or outer layer of a cereal grain. Courser then normal Bran.

Hygain Allrounder


Hygain Allrounder is a palatable pelleted feed that provides a balanced nutritional diet suitable for horses and ponies being spelled or in light to moderate work.

Hygain Balanced


Hygain Balanced is a pelleted all-round, low dose balancer feed concentrate designed for good doers.

Hygain Fibressential


Hygain Fibressential is a revolutionary fibre source suitable for all equines. The guaranteed uniform nutritional values make HYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL® your first choice for fibre.

Hygain Micrbeet


Hygain Micrbeet is high in well-fermentable fibre and low in sugar, suitable for all equines regardless of age and use.

Hygain Show Torque


HYGAIN SHOWTORQUE is a high fat, cereal grain free feed, that promotes lean muscle mass development and coat shine.

Hygain Tru Breed


HYGAIN TRU BREED® is an extruded feed designed to match the complex feeding management of stallions, pregnant and lactating mares and growing horses.

Hygain Tru Care


HYGAIN TRU CARE® provides your horse with higher levels of nutrients that are essential to maintain joint health and mobility, body condition and general well-being.

Hygain Tru Gain


HYGAIN TRU GAIN® is a safe (slow release) and effective extruded high fat supplement, providing your horse with a cool energy source along with bio-available Vitamin E and Selenium.